Ultimate Guide to How Long Invisalign Treatment Takes

Straightening crooked teeth can take a long time and require a lot of resources, however, Invisalign has been gaining a lot of positive reviews in that aspect. Using Invisalign is the most convenient way of straightening your teeth and improving your smile, contributing to its skyrocketing popularity in the last couple of years. Although the average timeline for Invisalign is typically twelve months, it can vary based on different factors which s why you need to know how long it will take. You can have a longer or shorter treatment duration due to the following factors.

Since the needs of each patient is different, how long Invisalign treatment will take comes down to the issue you want to correct; if you have a mild case of crowded teeth, you will only need six months of treatment but if it is severe than that, it will take a little longer. Your consistency is another factor that affects Invisalign treatment duration; since you are required to wear the molds for twenty-two hours daily and change them after every two weeks, you have to stick to the routine to get the results on time.

How long Invisalign treatment takes is also affected by the designed course of treatment; if your orthodontist decides you need an accelerated treated plan, you can see the results sooner but if a slower course is preferred, it will take a while to get the results you want. A patient’s age is one of the main factors that determines how long Invisalign treatment is likely to take; because teens’ mouths are still growing, they are often unpredictable which is why there are faster results in adults.

When trying to determine how long it will take to complete Invisalign treatment, ensure to factor in individual difference; your physiology is different from any patient who has undergone the treatment in the past which is why there is no way to know how long it will take until you try. One thing you should know about traditional braces is that they take longer and you need to visit an orthodontist to have them changed regularly, whereas Invisalign has an average twelve-month timeline, and you switch the aligners every two weeks from the comfort of your home.

From changing the aligners by yourself every two weeks to only needing twelve months to improve your smile for a lifetime, there are plenty of advantages of choosing Invisalign treatment. As you can see, Invisalign is the best teeth straightening treatment method at your disposal and your ticket to improving your smile and self-confidence. How long it will take to deliver the results you want when undergoing Invisalign treatment are outline above.

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