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Benefits of Healthy School Meals and their Correlation to Students Performance

Scholars are of the view that education is the backbone of any economy. Parents and teachers play their respective roles in ensuring a student gets high quality education. For a student to excel in their education, they must overcome many obstacles. An excel student is well disciplined, and excels in both curriculum and extra curriculum activities. Excellence is not attainable if a student is constantly hungry or of low energy. Healthy nutrition consists of three meals a day. This article will outline the benefits of having healthy meals in school and their impact on the student’s learning ability.

In the current society, parents have to put in long hours in order to earn enough money to sustain their families. In order to finance all the basic needs of their families, some parents are forced to take up two to three jobs in a day. This means that such parents neglect some of their parental duties. In most cases, the parent cannot even make a meal for their family. Hence, they rely on fast foods to provide for their family meals. To them, these junk food save time and energy that would be spent on cooking. Obviously, the kids will not complain about the junk food. What these parents do not understand is that unhealthy meals impact negatively on the health and school performance of their children.

A larger percentage of a student’s day is spent in school. The learning and extra curriculum activities drain the energy of the school going children. When a student lacks a meal or is feed on fast foods, they tend to have low energy, low concentration and are grumpy. In order to provide uniformity and to protect the students from the pangs of hunger or unhealthy meals, the schools have a feeding program. Such institutions have linked great performance to healthy meals. Some schools provide lunch meals while others have an additional healthy meal or two in the morning hours.

The school feeding programs ensures that their students are assured of a healthy meal or two whenever they are in school. This ensures that all the students are feed regardless of their family background. Further, students who do not get proper meals can rely on the school meals for their proper nutrition. These meals include whole meals, some proteins, healthy fats such as omega three and a lot of vitamins from fruits and vegetables. The school chefs moderate the sugar, carbohydrates and fats in the student’s meals. The meals boost the energy students’ immunity throughout the day. Since the meals have low cholesterols students do not suffer from obesity.
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