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Best Ways on How you could Teach Kids to Dress Themselves

Trying to let the kids undress themselves actually is not a problem unless they would consider putting on a costume that they love and refuse in taking off. But having to teach children putting clothes on is actually a different story.

Independent Dressing for their Development

In most instances, kids starts showing their initiative around 2 – 3 years old and there are also some cases where they even still don’t know how to put their clothes on until they reach the age of 5 or 6. Due to their connection with some other developmental factors, the earlier that you are going to teach your child in choosing their outfits, the better it is for the both of you.

Make Clothes SImple for Them

One way you can actually jumpstart your child to become independent is by giving them the right set of tools for them to become independent. You can actually start by providing them with easy-to-wear clothes.

This means you need to give them with clothes that are not too complicated to put on. Sweaters and t-shirts should be put through slipping it over the head and not the ones where you need to button them up. In choosing shoes, choose the ones that have snap buttons because it makes it easier to wear.

Have an Organized Closet

It is just not enough to provide you child with the right set of clothes because you also must consider the importance of how their closet is being organized. With a lot of things which parents do in a week, keeping clothes organized is in fact the last thing which parents have in their mind. However, it is essential for children to be able to see and reach their IKKS kids clothes when you would want to encourage them self-dressing.

If their closet is a mess, it’s essential that you are going to sort this out first. You also need to make sure that everything will be accessible for them and to also label the drawers for them to know which clothes are the ones that are right to wear.

Make their Closet Creative

Like the rest of their room, it is essential that their closet is made personal for them as well. It is best that you paint the closet walls with the favorite color of your child or to do something fun through replacing their drawer knobs that have appealing designs. This would actually help motivate your kids.

It is very important to take note that you must not force your kids in dressing themselves if they are not ready. Also consider giving them the freedom in choosing what they want and to approach them also if they will need help.