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Benefits of having Healthy You Vending Machines

You probably witnessed before there’s a boost on vending retail, especially with the area of healthy vending. There also are different companies who are in fact in the healthy vending business. People who have plans on starting their own business would find this an excellent opportunity available. Healthy You Vending was established 14 years ago and they have in fact sold more than 100,000 vending machines already in different parts of the globe.

It can actually offer you with an amazing opportunity for people who have plans to enter the healthy food vending industry. A big benefit with such vending option is that this is not a franchise. It means that upfront and trademark costs as well as its royalty fees are eliminated. The company also gives out guarantees of quality customer service. Whether you are just new to the business or perhaps you are experienced with it, they will be able to help you on each stage of the business. The company will be able to help you in getting your machine up and operating.

The company will not just give you proper training which is needed, but they can also provide you a two-day session and a rigorous training for distributors. Its training session likewise provides you with hands on experience for the process of handling the vending machine together with valuable information about its proprietary vending software, business operations and its website support.

The vending machines are likewise owned locally and the distributors have access towards thousands of healthy products on vending machines. The company also offers various healthy snack options and drinks which are made organically, is low-fat and is also gluten-free. The vending machine also have different features that are advantageous that includes its ability of reading credit and debit cards.

It also has a remote monitoring feature to where you are going to be informed for any products that are already low on stock. If ever there’s no employee, the vending machine has an energy saving mode where it will help keep the drinks cool overnight. With such feature added, power will not be wasted and the machine also has a SmartCard technology which would permit the distributor of upgrading the machine’s setting.

This vending machine not just offer snacks, but you can also plant the entire meal in a healthy way through its feature where you could add side dishes. People will also get discounts because the machine could be programmed for it. Another addition is that the Healthy You vending machines follows the guidelines of the American’s With Disabilities 2012.

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